Harvest Roundup ’21, Part 4

Harvest Roundup '21, Part 4 From Messages Sept. 19 & 29, 2021 Good morning, this is the last Message of the Harvest Roundup. Prayerfully we are all in the midst of an abundant harvest of the promises and authority that belongs to us in the Name and authority of Jesus. We begin with the affirmation … Continue reading Harvest Roundup ’21, Part 4

Harvest Roundup ’21, Part 3

Harvest Roundup '21, Part 3 As we continue combining scriptures from the pre-fall Messages and early Fall we move to an explanation on preparing to receive the engrafted Word, and we can thus use the Word to examine our hearts for idol inhabitation. We come to Ezekiel 14:1-3 where some of the elders of Israel … Continue reading Harvest Roundup ’21, Part 3