Not By Bread Alone

Not By Bread Alone Pastor E. C. Dowdy, Lion of Judah Worship Center Ministries As we peruse the scriptures from Deut. 8:3, Matt. 4:4, and Luke 4:4, although the statement is a reference to physical bread, we need to pause and allow the Words to enter our heart. The meaning goes much deeper than the … Continue reading Not By Bread Alone

When You Stand Praying, 2021

When You Stand Praying, 2021 Mark 11:25-26 We have stepped into fertile delta soil spiritually when we come to this section of scripture. The chapter begins with what we celebrate today as Palm Sunday. We find Jesus instructing his disciples what they needed to celebrate communion. This is His last week of the earthly ministry … Continue reading When You Stand Praying, 2021