As we are filled with the love of God, there is an impelling to do those things that are pleasing and acceptable in the sight of God. We normally think of an addict in a negative connotation, but look at the life of an addict: someone who has a habit so long that he or she cannot easily give it up. When we become addicted to the love of God, we won’t easily give it up or compromise, because the love of God operating within us, has transformed our desires from selfishness to selflessness. There is no person alive that can meet Jesus face-to-face and remain the same!

This message delivered by Dr. E. C. Dowdy of Lion of Judah Worship Center is based on Duet. 6:5 We invite you to listen to the service, the appetizer before the message, which sets our minds to listen and stay engaged. Be blessed!


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