Trayvon Martin
Jordan Davis

Unnamed Black Youths in your town, city or state

These Florida teens’ deaths — and others across the country — prompted marches, pickets and assemblies pertaining to the violence against African American youths demonstrating it is not open season on our young or our males.

The legal decisions of the “stand your ground” law emotionally knocked us down due to the support of these unjustified homicides.

Now it is time to collectively get up…on our knees; not in resignation, but in exaltation of the just Judge who hears the outcry, sees the injustice and acts in behalf of the downtrodden.

It is time to protest and pray while believing for divine intervention of the Almighty, Christ; the King of Glory.

Please join 100,000 Praying African American Women the 26th of every month for on-going intercession for black men and our communities throughout the U.S.

Bow with us this Wednesday, February 26; at 1:30 p.m. (PST) wherever you are, or go to, once at the Website, click onto the Facebook page for instructions to join the group live via audio.